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Commercial Property Management

Management of commercial properties, Real Estate for Business and Asset Management


Property Management

Business Center, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, etc.


Property Investment Consulting

Property and investment advice

We advise you to obtain maximum profitability in the management and sale of your commercial property.


Property Management

In Urbemar we consider that real estate is a valuable resource, which requires special attention. That is why our objective is focused on obtaining the maximum return on your property, adopting a coherent and committed approach that protects your interests and safeguards your income.


Asset Management

Asset management is mainly about maximizing value, reducing costs and increasing property performance. This philosophy forms the central axis of the strategies we develop on the assets that are under our management, be it a single investment or a wide and varied sectorized portfolio.


Commercial Property Management

Commercial properties are great business opportunities that demand a deal between organization and coordination management.  Managing it effectively is what allows profitability and business opportunity. And that is one of our goals: working for the best results.


“Urbemar has over 40 years’ experience in commercial property management, and we are one of the leading companies on the Costa del Sol. In our philosophy, enthusiasm and commitment are part of our everyday work, ensuring the continuing profitability of our clients’ property investments by creating trust and reliability.”

Óscar Fernández Bracho / Urbemar Manager


Asset Management

Asset management is mainly focused on maximising value, reducing costs and increasing the returns on property. This philosophy is the core of our strategy when dealing with the assets of our clients.

At a glance:

  • Maximising net revenue.
  • Detailed reports on the returns on assets.
  • Cost and budget control.
  • Recommendations and advice for improving or refurbishing assets.

Property  Management

We protect your interests as owner and optimise the profitability of your property assets, taking a consistent, committed approach, with an accurate, up-to-date communication system.

At a glance:

  • Complete management of operating and commercialisation costs.
  • Collecting rent and recovering debts.
  • Representing the owner in tenant relations.
  • Technical and service advice.







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