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Property Management

At Urbemar we consider property assets to be a valuable resource that requires special attention. Therefore our goals are focused on getting the maximum performance from your property, taking a consistent, committed approach that protects your interests and safeguards your income.

We are proud to have in-depth knowledge about every property under our responsibility. Full involvement every day and a rigorous schedule of regular visits to the properties means that you can relax, knowing that the information you receive from us is accurate and up to date.

We can guarantee that with us, through an effective intermediation process, you will save time and money – we will take care of your tenants and administrative tasks. As professional consultants, our unique view of your tenants’ aspirations means we can develop management strategies that maximise the value of your portfolios.

At a glance:

  • Complete management of operating and commercialisation costs.
  • Collecting rent and recovering debts.
  • Owner representation in tenant relations.
  • Technical and service advice.

Asset Management

Asset management is mainly focused on maximising value, reducing costs and increasing the returns on property. This philosophy is the core of our strategy when managing assets, whether a single investment or a diversified portfolio in several sectors.

With a flexible point of view and understanding what you want to get out of your investment, we can develop and implement a personalised strategy to meet your needs. Our experienced management team will find innovative solutions to get the maximum performance from the investments under our care. We will show you that by improving tax control and leasing profiles, new opportunities will arise to maximise rental income and improve the value of properties.

Another advantage of choosing Urbemar to manage your assets is that we entrust each of our property portfolios to an experienced manager who maintains a direct line of contact with the client.

Meanwhile, our independence ensures that our management method complements your strategy for your property, applying efficient agreements in costs and services and protecting your assets for the future.

At a glance:

  • Maximising net revenue.
  • Detailed reports on the returns on assets.
  • Cost and budget control.
  • Recommendations and advice for improving or refurbishing assets.

Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management is hard work that requires great organizational, logistical and perspective capacity to create a property management workflow that allows, through the appropriate processes, to obtain the revenues that a commercial property is able to offer.

Actions such as supervision of the correct work of all aspects of the commercial area, management of rentals, attention to tenants, improvements and repairs, creation of events and knowing how to meet and identify the needs of the attending and potential public is a part of this work that our team is more than prepared to perform.

A work that will allow obtaining results and analyzing the potential that the commercial farm may have for its proper exploitation and revenues always looking for excellence in treatment, careful planning with space for reaction and proactivity of all the assets involved and the associated advantages what it means to outsource this service: we are independent so we can objectively deal with management cases that arise over time.

At a glance:

  • Effective management of the assets of the commercial farm.
  • Management of leases and premises.
  • Control of taxation and administration.
  • Treatment and mediation with tenants.
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