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As a worker, customer or supplier, you can report serious matters anonymously or if you have reasonable suspicion of such matters.

Anonymous reporting of serious issues

You can submit information about reprehensible issues through this page or report unethical, illegal actions or violate internal policies. This system should be used to bring the problems that otherwise would not have been brought to light.

It can be reported confidentially by indicating the name and contact information or if desired, 100% anonymously.

All inquiries are treated confidentially and securely.

HR related issues

Paid personnel related to the company can make an anonymous report through this form. The complainant can decide whether to provide the information requested or not.

You can make a new secure report from this page or follow up on an existing one.

Tracking your reports can be relevant for several reasons:

1) You’d like to see the status of your report to see if you’re doing anything.

2) You would like to provide additional information to your report.

3) System administrators have asked you to provide additional information to help them resolve the issue or take appropriate action.

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