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The Rise of Flexible Offices in Malaga and Seville

By 25 July, 2023Noticias
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The flexible office market is experiencing remarkable growth in Spain, and two standout cities in this surge are Malaga and Seville. During the second quarter of the year, these cities have been the focus of expansion plans for operators in the flex sector, adding over 430 flexible job positions together, despite the limited availability of spaces.

Malaga is the Spanish city with the highest occupancy rate, reaching 92%. 290 flexible positions were contracted in this period, bringing the current total to 533. With a stock of 5,800 square meters, the city has become a key destination for significant market operators looking to expand their presence. However, the demand exceeds the supply of large-sized attractive spaces (over 1,500 square meters).

On the other hand, Seville boasts an 80% occupancy rate, with 140 flexible job positions contracted in the second quarter, reaching 1,050. While local operators dominate the flexible office market in Seville, there is a growing interest from leading national operators to expand into the city. However, the need for more optimal spaces in the city center presents a challenge. Despite this, the Cartuja area, with its increasing demand and potential for development near the city center, emerges as a viable alternative for expanding the flexible office sector.

Malaga and Seville stand out as two significant attractions for the flexible office market in Spain. Their quality of life, business environment, and cultural appeal make them ideal destinations for operators and companies seeking to adapt to new ways of working and flexible spaces.

These cities remain in the spotlight for critical players in the flex sector, and their growth continues to offer opportunities for the business and professional community in search of versatile and modern workspace solutions.

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